At the Lumberyard

At the lumber yard 

   At the lumberyard this morning the place was practically empty, who’d a thought Saturday morning would be so. 

   My second trip in before 11am caused the girl behind the counter to comment, “You back so soon?”

“Nancy” I says, “if I remembered everything on the first trip, I wouldn’t have anything to do all the rest of the day.” She laughed as well as commenting. On that second trip one of the office girls was standing in front of the counter with an empty basket, similar to those used in grocery stores. 

   Up walks a neighbor of mine, a contractor as well, and starts kidding with the cart girl, at one time she worked the counter also. The lumberyard I grew up with didn’t have any checkout girls, the men rang you up and then went out in the yard with you and got what you came for.

   My first experience with a check out girl was in San Diego. I told the girl “This place reminds me of Mac Donald’s” 

   “How so?” Came her reply.

“Well” I said, “all you do is run this register, right?” 

“Yes” she replied.

“That fellow over there stocking shelves, he dosen’t run the register, nor work out in the yard and the yard guys never work inside the store, correct!”

“Yes, that’s true.” She answered.

“MacDonald’s, same idea!” 

   Now I can’t say if that’s good or bad, it’s just the way it is.

Another thing that’s just the way it is: my failing memory. It’s not just when I walk into another room, No sir! The memory drain follows me all around town. 

   Might as well make the best of it and get a few laughs.


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