Raining here lately. 

The swamp out back can’t hold any more water. 

We give the chickens PFD’s.

I told Linda go stand in the deeper pond area. 

I’ll take your picture.

She said, “No, you”

Just today alone we are forecast to get 10” to 15”. 

We’re very glad the builder of our existing house built it high by bringing in loads of sand, and then built two feet off the ground.

Got a text from a fellow sailor, “Are you out sailing in this stuff?”

I answered, “Was thinking about it.”

Linda rolled her eyes.


   So went a letter to my brothers and sister and loved ones. I do think about sailing in this stuff. Sometimes I even muster up the fortitude and take a small sailboat out and meet the front head on. It’s not something I’d recommend, it’s more like ‘don’t do this at home’ type of thing. Yet I go, disregarding my own advice. 

   Why so? Well it brings me closer to experiencing the conditions I read about by the more adventurous. How-be-it on a much smaller scale, much smaller; I’m not kidding myself nor any others. Another thing it does, it helps me to become a better sailor; in that department I need plenty of help. 

   I’d written a story about how I’d redesigned a Widgeon 12’ sailboat built by the O’Day corporation. Just the insides, making it more user friendly for this aging body. Today at the shop, I was wishing I hadn’t put W2 out side. W2 is my second Widgeon I’m in the middle of redoing as well. In this rain I could get a lot done on it, we’re it back in the shop. I’m planning on a small enclosed cabin on the thing, all controls inside. It’d be a nice ride on days like this. That write up will be some where in the future. 

   But, until that time I’ll poke along and be very satisfied with sailing 

Red Top, my 12’ Lehman, also redone. Red Top does pretty good, from the factory he came with 81sq ft of sail, a cat rig. I changed it to a lug with 79 sq ft, and two reef points. The reef points come in handy.

   We’ve got another three days of this stuff. 

The dreams continue.


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