The Corner store

   This morning my wife reached into the fridge for the milk, 

‘O bummer!’ I heard her say, or something to that effect. No, no curse words, she doesn’t normally curse, al least for such so minor. She had started cooking and needed milk, and me about finishing the breakfast she had made up for me, I offered to go and pick up the milk. 

   Off I went, past the corner store, and past the newly rebuilt store and gas station on the next corner down. She prefers the newer chain of discount neighborhood stores, those yellow and black signed ones. 

   “Get the newest dated milk!” She quipped as I left the house. Usually one has to dig deep to get the freshest milk. 

Front and center, the good-til-mark read 6-28-21. Behind it the next in line read, 6-22-21, way in the back of the cold section of the display, the milk jugs were marked, 6-21-21. 

   Ha! An over worked night stocker had put the freshest milk front and center, or maybe the employee was cutting corners. Nah!

   The check out girl, maybe early twenty’s, pleasantly greeted me. Before I responded, there on the counter was a school type bell, the ones you bang on with your hand, I banged on it. There hand written note attached to the bell reading ‘Please ring bell’, so I complied and rang the bell.

   “Now what?” I said to the young clerk.

She raising both hands, smiling and says, “I’m here!” 

Then me, “It works!” We both laughed.

   The previous customer had lingered, my guess, after hearing the ringing of the bell, and she was holding the door open for this older guy, me. The clerk gave us both a salutation of having a blessed and good day.

   Back at the house, the visiting sister is having a discussion with my wife. My wife asks her sister why she wants to look at the her lips in order to hear better, (her sister is both hard of hearing and challenged in other ways).

   “If you’re like this, why do you ask questions from another room?” Said Linda. You can see where this is going. After listening for several minutes, I interrupt with a plea, “That’s too deep of a subject for a morning discussion.” Taking my clue, the subject is changed.

   All this before 9:30 am. Should be a nice day. 


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