Here we arr

Here we arr

   Arr maty’s, as pirates are given to say. A few years back I saw a documentary about Pirates of the Caribbean, not those Disney types, no sir! The real deal. When their ships appeared, dread set in. Dark clouds gathered, fleeing took place and the usual cannon fodder were set out, given guns, a hand shake, and a hearty, “Go get em boy’s!” And boys they were, used in the hope of procuring a bit of escape time. 

   It was a hard life, for the pirates as well the conquered. Things progressed over the years, refinement’s set in, they, the pirates after all were rather crude; there were better ways to rape and pillage. We are civilized you know. 

   Through the sands of time, there seems to be a group of people who can’t leave well enough alone. Cain killed his brother Able simple because he wanted to worship God his way, “Able, let’s go for a walk”, Cain entreated his brother. The problem started before that actually, and the problem continues today. 

   Will the Good-old-boys save the day come this Wednesday? Time will tell. I wonder if Vegas is giving odds? 

All eyes on the man with ‘Orange Hair’, said with no disrespect, or his side kick, the VP, or the lawyers, the News media , who’s in charge anyway? 

   I’ve been taught the same God who called Cain onto the carpet is the same God who has a plan, who does as he pleases, who turns the hearts of kings as he wishes, that God; is in charge. 

   So the question really boils down , “What’s God doing? With this election, with this nation, with this world?” I surely don’t know, and neither do the talking heads: those talking heads on both sides of the fence. 

   We need to align ourselves with the God of heaven, his desires, not ours. 

Michael j beebe


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